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Some of our clients have asked us about our company's name. When we tell them the story, they find it delightful. And we think that's more than's "Simply Divune!"

Here is our story and told in our owner's own words:
"In 2012 I took my mother to see a live play for her birthday. The setting of the play was a 1940's murder mystery. In the play, one of the female characters was of a British descent. Throughout the play there were very enjoyable events that would occur and as they  were divine to everyone else, they were always Simply Divune to her. It meant that they were above and beyond divine for her.
"So as you can imagine with her accent and the statement of "Simply Divune" the play was wonderful and quite hilarious. Since the play my mother and I, when talking, would always say 'Simply Divune' throughout our conversations as there was something that we really enjoyed.
"When we started our catering service, I always wanted our clients to have more than just a great experience; it needed to be 'Simply Divune' which is exactly what we are.

"So please come and enjoy our services and may it be 'Simply Divune' for you."
From the desk of the Chef, Adrian Tella

"Have a delicious day!"
"Have a delicious day!"


Our catering service is noted for its delicious foods, timely delivery and setup, and friendly staff. We serve Arlington as well as the surrounding areas in the Metroplex. Read what our customers are saying about us

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